Accurate and Precise Retail Boundaries

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More than 400,000 Precise Polygons

PREMISE makes sense of your data allowing you to skip the grunt work and get straight to what matters

  • More than 400,000 high-quality retail boundaries available
  • Crafted using GPS-based rooftop info and verified with street view, retailer data and phone or on-site followup
  • Accurate up to 3 feet to deliver precision insights

For App Developers

Enhance mobile application features with a real-time, accurate understanding of your app's users

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For Data Seekers

Analyze pre-existing data-sets against our library of custom polygons to identify meaningful attribution information

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For Advertisers

Optimize mobile advertising initiatives with location attribution & targeting

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How to Use Premise

  1. Integrate PREMISE shape files into your system, workflow, or mobile application
  2. Use PREMISE code to accurately assess which devices in your database were seen at relevant locations
  3. Use the results to improve data offerings, enhance application location-based features, understand demographics, identify spatial data patterns, and much more

The PREMISE Collection

Full sets of polygons are available NOW in standard geoJSON, KML and shape files:

  • Department Stores
  • Grocery Chains
  • Movie Theatres

  • QuickServe Restaurants
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Home Improvement Stores

And hundreds of other categories!

Don't see the category you are looking for?

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Get accurate Location Attribution in a matter of hours, not months

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